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  • Can rotate 360 degrees.
  • Stack up the shoe racks to save space if necessary
  • Simple and practical design, easy to use
  • Speed up the shoes drying speed.
  • An innovation of home decor hooks makes your home look more lovely.
  • Variety things you could hang, no matter is bathroom accessory or kitchen accessory, for example, Towel, Umbrella, Hat, Shirt, Keys, Pans and so on. 
  • Dimension: 25cm x 10cm
  • Color: White
  • Effectively isolated rice, leaves, hair...All kinds of residue, to prevent blockage
  • It looks clean, beautiful and practical on the sink.
  • Bathroom and Kitchen are applicable
  • Hanging hole for easy hanging drain
  • Environmental protection pp material, durable
  • Clean toilet bathtub convenient, toilet, groove, fine cracks and do not let go of every corner.
  • Long curve handle, direct access to the toilet bottom, strong detergency
  • Double-sided fine brush head, a better fit toilet, easy decontamination effortlessly
  • Small and Easy to carry
  • Unique Lovely Cartoon Decoration, Different from others
  • An Accessories kit set for daily use, travel, outdoor and so on.
  • Ideal gift for girls
  • intimate design - built-in shower gel, shampoo bottles, can be added with the personal favorite.
  • Reasonable zoning - Toiletries have a separate space, are stored separately, and are handled clearly.
  • Small and easy to carry - small size, strong storage. Does not occupy space, easy to carry.
  • A multi-purpose - set of 8 pieces of toiletries in one, full-featured.
  • Ventilation Drain - There are breathable holes at the bottom of the cup to prevent bacterial growth and keep it dry.
  • Comfortable feel - The appearance of fine scrub design, comfortable grip.
  • Suitable for travel, outdoor, hotels
  • Multi-function, easy to use
  • Can be used as mouthwash cup, toothbrush cover,
  • Small size, easy to carry, travel essential.
  • The perfect gift for the trip of a lifetime
  • Scratch off where you've been on the scratch map pages.
  • Record your journey in writing
  • Adorable Design
  • Perfect Gift for Ladies and Girls
  • Best gift for those who love to make up!
  • High contrast enhancement for absolutely sharp vision in difficult light 
  • These amazing glasses feature lightweight, impact-resistant HD lenses
  • This greatly reduce glare while enhancing the colour and clarity of your view
  • It can be worn alone or fit easily over your prescription glasses, eliminating the need for expensive prescription sunglasses
  • Yellow-tinted HD lenses helps reduce the glare from oncoming headlights
  • Adorable Design
  • Perfect Gift for Ladies and Girls
  • Best gift for those who love to make up!
  • Adorable Design
  • Perfect Gift for Ladies and Girls
  • Best gift for those who love to make up!