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  • Fashion Appearance as home decorations. Since then, your life is no longer haphazard.
  • Always know where your remote controls are with this handy holder Ideal for mobile phones, TV remotes, DVD remotes, Blu-Ray remotes, VCR remotes, Tuner remotes etc. 
  • Variety of greeting card
  • A little texture, use of hard specialty paper, not easy to folds curly
  • Emblematic design with exquisite metal accessories greeting cards make your greeting card delicate expression of precious emotion
  • Blank pages write down the words you wish to say, to convey your deep blessing
  • You can even tear off the exquisite metal accessories become your necklace or bracelets accessories! 
  • Multi-function, easy to use
  • Can be used as mouthwash cup, toothbrush cover,
  • Small size, easy to carry, travel essential.